Open A-RPG Builder soon available (2018)

The new Open A-RPG Builder can let you create your own A-RPG game easily with productivity and few code.

  • Include an editor for map / animation / script / sound / character editing.
  • Include a default set of high quality graphics/animations/sounds/musics to start creating your own game.
  • Include a high quality tutorial to start learning.
  • Scripting language for easy development (few code).
  • Is extensible with the use of plugins.
  • Use physic engine (Box2D).
  • Special effects available (fog, fire, etc.).
  • Editor will be available on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.
  • Can export to many target : Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, HTML5/CSS.
  • A web platform will be available to share resources : sprites, animations, sounds, musics, demos, complete games (free or paid).
  • Free version : can have most of the functionalities to edit and create a great  game.
  • Premium version : add some more advanced functionalities like : obfuscated export to avoid rip of resources (sound, graphics), license management, other productivity tools.

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